Welcome to Grumpy Cat. Cats are kind of my thing and grumpy ones are simply adorable. This blog is mostly dedicated to my lifelong love, otome dating sims. I started blogging because I enjoyed making walkthroughs for them and, surprisingly, they’ve become kinda popular, so I guess I’ll keep adding more.



profile picI write; most of it goes in the bin. Mostly stories, and within that, mostly fantasy. My preferred style verges on the dark and the obscene. Of the few well-loved and well-worn books that defined my childhood imagination, I’ll always remember discovering the strange land of Ingary with Sophie in Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m still waiting for seven-league boots and talking cats to be a thing in real life.

I’m the type of person who sleeps late and wakes late. I’ll spend the majority of the day in slippers if I can help it. Make me tea and I will adore you for life.